Catalyst Magazine Goes Green!

Environmental Responsibility, Real-Time Updates and More!

We have some thrilling news to share with you! Your beloved Catalyst magazine has undergone a remarkable transformation – it has gone green, and by green, we mean digital! You can read our latest Museum stories, news, announcements and scientific stories at 

We're making this change for many important reasons. Among them:  

Environmental Responsibility: Printing magazines consumes vast amounts of paper and ink, which contributes to deforestation and harms our planet. By going digital, we're taking a stand for sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint. On average, when we printed Catalyst, we used about 8,500 pages and 17 pounds of ink every quarter. Switching to digital means we will save over eight trees every year.

Real-Time Updates: In the fast-paced world we live in, staying current is crucial. Digital format allows us to provide real-time information, ensuring you never miss out on the latest happenings at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. We’re able to share news, announcements and stories as soon as they occur. No need to wait an entire season to read a story. 

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A shelf in the Library of the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. (Photo/ Rick Wicker)

Enhanced Experience: The digital magazine offers an interactive reading experience with videos, image galleries, hyperlinks and quizzes. It's not just a magazine; it's an immersive journey into science and nature. Readers will now be able to share their favorite stories with their friends and family members with the click of a button, as well as watch videos, interviews with our scientists and learn about our behind-the-scenes collections. 

Longevity: A digital magazine is accessible at any time and from anywhere, ensuring that the narratives and content we create continue to be shared, enjoyed and cherished by readers not just for a few fleeting moments, but for years to come. This allows our creative stories to be available to new generations of readers and enthusiasts.  

Reach & Access: A digital magazine enables us to reach a more diverse readership across goegraphical, cultural and economic backgrounds. It also allows us to incorporate content in multiple languages with tools such as Google Translate, fostering a more inclusive environment where people from various linguistic backgrounds can engage with our stories.  

We've prepared a handy FAQ to help you navigate Catalyst online:  

How Do I Access the Digital Magazine? You can access the digital magazine through our website or a dedicated mobile app, available for download on various platforms. Just type in on your browser and enjoy dozens of stories, blogs, announcements, Museum news, exclusives and more!

Also, download the free DMNS eCard app from your device’s app store and never leave home without your membership card! The app is available on iOS and Android phones. For more information about our Ecard, please click here.  

Can I Still Get a Printed Copy? We will no longer print copies. However, if you're a member, you can opt to receive exclusive member postcards via mail with a picture of our current issue cover, which serves as a reminder to check out the latest issue of the magazine and article before we promote them to the public. If you have any questions, call Membership at 303.370.6306.

What About Content? Rest assured, the digital magazine will include the same captivating articles, interviews, visuals and updates as the printed version. Plus, it opens space for video interviews, behind-the-scenes footage and more member-exclusive content! The digital space allows us to write and share more stories in real-time.  

Is It Accessible on Different Devices? Yes! You can read the digital magazine on smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktop computers by typing on your browser.  

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The spider-man holding goblet in Pañamarca, Peru. (Photo/ R. Wicker)

How Often Will It Be Published? The digital magazine will still be published quarterly as usual following the seasons – Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Parallel to the main issues being published, we have the ability now to publish even more stories and more frequently to keep you informed under the “Latest Stories” section on the left column. We will reserve the most impactful and longer stories that require the most research time for the seasonal issues. 

Is It Interactive? Absolutely! That's the beauty of the digital landscape. Enjoy videos, image galleries, hyperlinks, GIFS and quizzes to enhance your reading experience. You can also share your favorite stories with your friends by clicking the social media icon of your choice or simply sharing the story links on your favorite platforms. Find the social media icons on the site! 

Will I Receive Release Notifications? Yes, we'll send email notifications to our members whenever a new issue is available. Or, simply follow us on social media to stay up to date with our latest stories and blogs.  

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Aeon Way-Smith and Laurel Butterworth excavate a plant quarry at Corral Bluffs in 2017. (Photo/ Rick Wicker) 

Trouble Accessing? Please contact membership at 303.370.6306.  

Advertisements? As a nonprofit, we do not advertise. However, we do promote our own Museum exhibitions, movies, programming, events, stories, articles, news and announcements, among other in-house programming.  

Feedback and Suggestions? We value your input! Feel free to share your feedback and suggestions with our customer support team. For general comments or questions, e-mail [email protected]. 

Transition Period? We've fully transitioned to the digital format starting with Fall 2023. 

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Distant view of two dig sites on the Kaiparowits Plateau. (Photo/ Rick Wicker)

More Languages? Yes! To promote inclusivity and accessibility, our digital magazine offers translations via the Google Translate plug-in, which can be found at the top right corner of the site. While we understand that the translation service is not perfect, we are committed to bringing science to different languages with available technology.  

We're excited about this green transformation and the possibilities it brings. Thank you for your support, and we can't wait to embark on this digital journey with you, our valued Catalyst community! 

Have story ideas? Send us an email to [email protected] and send us your pitch! 

How to navigate the site, once you're in

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A screenshot of the new Catalyst magazine online. (Photo/ Taran Volckhausen)

On browser: The left column is the “Museum Stories.” These are stories that we write on a constant basis, to tell stories of scientific discoveries, to provide fun facts about our exhibitions, to showcase staff profile and their amazing contributions to the Museum, to tell stories about our volunteers, donors and member, and all the fun things going on at the Museum.  

The middle column is the current magazine issue for the season. Starting with Winter 2024. You can click on the cover photo to read all the special articles for the current issue, or you can also see these articles listed below the headline “In this Edition,” found under the cover photo.  

The right column is our “Latest News” section from our press site. This is where we make important announcements, share news with our community and provide press releases to the media.

Underneath these three top columns, you’ll find what’s “Now Playing” at the Giant Screen Sturm Infinity Theater. Below that, you’ll find our exhibitions. We will continue to provide more sections as we develop Catalyst into a forward-thinking, industry standard online publication.  

Catalyst on your Mobile Device

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Screenshot of the Catalyst online magazine on mobile. (Photo/ Taran Volckhausen)

The sections listed above will be stacked vertically in the following order: Current Issue, Museum Stories, Latest News, Now Playing and Exhibitions. Just scroll down using your finger and get the latest information from the magazine. You can tab each section to read more.

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