Juneteenth Celebration at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science!

The Museum Proudly Includes Juneteenth as an SCFD Free Day

Kids coloring at one of the booths during the Juneteenth SCFD celebration at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science on June 19, 2023. (Photo/Maya Youcef-Toumi)

This coming June 19, the Museum will come alive with the vibrant celebration of Juneteenth. Juneteenth is celebrated every June 19 the name “Juneteenth” combines “June” and “nineteenth" and commemorates the ending of slavery in the United Stated when over 250,000 enslaved persons in Galveston, Texas were freed by the United States army on June 19, 1865, over two and a half years after the emancipation proclamation had been issued.

Thanks to the invaluable support of our dedicated partners and staff, we are honoring this important day by preparing to welcome thousands of guests and community members to the Museum for a rich and exciting day to explore the narratives, culture and remarkable contributions of the Black community to the study and the art of science in Colorado and around the world.

Here are 5 Interesting Facts About Juneteenth and the Museum's Celebration

1. Slavery did not end on Juneteenth. When the U.S. army arrived in Texas, there were 250,000 enslaved persons and they were not all freed immediately. Slave owners, reluctant to release their free labor, frequently resisted freeing their slaves until a government representative personally compelled them to do so, as noted by historian Henry Louis Gates Jr.

2. Many formerly enslaved families and communities started to celebrate Juneteenth by gathering for festivities, including parades, cookouts and musical performances. These joyful celebrations commemorate the end of slavery and honor the resilience and perseverance of Black people throughout history.

3. In 2023, the Museum's Juneteenth celebration welcomed over 6,000 individuals who gathered to explore and pay tribute to the narratives, culture and contributions of the Black community.

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A family enjoying an SCFD Free Day at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science. (Photo/ Julio Poletti)

4. The event is made possible through the invaluable support of various community partners. At the Museum, guests can explore the captivating exhibits, engage with community partners and Black professionals – pillars of STEAM and community knowledge – and participate in interactive, family-friendly activities throughout the day. 

5. The Museum has proudly included Juneteenth as one of its annual SCFD (Scientific and Cultural Facilities District) Free Days, demonstrating its commitment to fostering a culture of inclusion and embracing diverse perspectives. 

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A young T-rex during the Juneteenth SCFD Free Day celebration at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science on June 19, 2023. (Photo/Maya Youcef-Toumi)

The Denver Museum of Nature & Science takes great pride in commemorating this historic day by welcoming thousands of guests to explore captivating exhibitions. If you come to visit us for Juneteenth, we hope you’ll take advantage of free general admission to check out the limited–time temporary exhibition Orcas: Our Shared Future or catch an incredible film on the giant screen Infinity Theater. 

Juneteenth is a powerful celebration that honors the resilience, strength and invaluable contributions of the Black community. We are honored to celebrate this day with the community and we hope to share the celebration with you too! 

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