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Visiting the Museum as a Member

Q: I'm planning to visit the Museum for the first time since becoming a member. What do I need to do?
A: Either book your free Member Museum Admission in advance online or over the phone, or stop by the Main Ticketing Desk when you arrive to get your admission tickets.

Q: What should I do if I don't have my card when I visit?
A: Stop by the Member Lane at Ticketing to receive a day pass (ID required). If you've lost your card you may download the eCard app on your Smartphone and never have to worry about not having your card when you visit.

Q: Do I need to present my membership card or eCard in order to receive member discounts in the shops, cafe, and deli?
A: Yes. You are required to present your membership card or eCard for Museum entry and to receive member discounts in the shops, café and deli. If you forget your plastic membership card, simply download the eCard ( or stop by the Member Lane at Ticketing to receive a day pass (ID required).

Q: Who receives a Membership Card? 
A: All Named Members (Primary, Secondary and Add-On) need to have a card.

Q: Do I have to get the eCard? I want a plastic card. 
A: The Museum no longer issues plastic cards. If you do not wish to download the DMNS eCard app, you may instead use our guest WiFi when you arrive, login to your online Museum account and your membership barcode can be scanned right from your phone. 

Q: Is the eCard secure? I’m worried about privacy. 
A: Our Privacy Policy is available for your reference on our website: The eCard is an app that is password protected and encrypted, and no credit card information is associated with it.

Q: Can I use my membership card to bring a school group to the Museum?
A: No. Membership admission cannot be used for school group admission because the school group is not covered by your Membership. Only those adults named on your membership and the guests permitted (if applicable for your Membership level) are permitted.

Q: Can I let my relatives or neighbors use my membership card to visit the Museum?
A: No. Memberships are nontransferable and can only be used by the individuals listed on the membership cards. 

Q: Do my children get their own membership cards?
A: No. Only the named adults (ages 19+) on the membership are issued cards. The number of cards issued is based on the membership level.

Q: Are children admitted free up to a certain age?
A: Yes. Children under age 3 are admitted for free.

Q: Do membership benefits expire?
A: Yes, all membership benefits, including any unused Flex Tickets, expire at the end of your annual membership period. All benefits associated with the level of your membership are automatically reloaded when your membership is renewed.

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Sharing the Guest Tickets provided with the Membership

Q: I just purchased my membership and was told a benefit of my membership is a certain number of free guest tickets. How will I receive these tickets?
A: Your guest tickets can be viewed, used, and shared through your eCard or through your online Museum account, or you can stop by the Members Lane at Ticketing to have them printed.

Q: Do I have to be present for someone to use the guest tickets that come with the membership?
A: No, the member does not have to be present for a guest to use the tickets.

Q: I've shared my guest tickets with someone electronically. Where can I find a receipt for my used or sent tickets?
A: You can find a receipt for used or sent tickets either through your online Museum account, or through the eCard. To find a receipt online, log in to your online Museum account at You will need to enter your email address and password. From within your account, select the Member Benefits tab from the top and then the Used section. Here you’ll find a list of any used or sent tickets with a link to view a receipt. In the eCard, navigate to the “My Tickets” section of the app. Select the “Used / Expired / Sent” tab on the top of the screen and then scroll down to find a record of your ticket. Once you have located the ticket, you can view the ticket by clicking on the “View Ticket Receipt” button below each ticket.

Q: I used the eCard to send my tickets via SMS or email, but they were never received. How can I recover them?
A: Occasionally tickets may get lost when sending via SMS or email. It’s always a good idea to check the spam or junk folder of the intended email address. If you need to send the tickets again, you can access a record of sent tickets from within the ecard. Navigate to the “My Tickets” section of the app. Select the “Used / Expired / Sent” tab on the top of the screen and then scroll down to find a record of your ticket. Once you have located the ticket, you can view the ticket by clicking on the “View Ticket Receipt” button below each ticket. You can share these tickets again using your phone's native share capabilities. On iOS, select the Share icon from the tray of icons at the bottom of the screen and then select either Message or Mail. On Android phones, use the three dots in the upper corner to open the browser options. Select Share and then select the method you would like to use. On a windows phone, use the three dots in the lower right corner to open the browser options and select Share Page. Next, select the method you would like to use.

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Using my Denver Museum of Nature & Science Membership at other Museums

Q: Can I use my membership at other museums?
A: Yes. Your Denver Museum of Nature & Science membership allows you entry or discounts to more than 360 science centers/museums 90 miles outside of Denver, and 90 miles from your residence, through the Association of Science-Technology Centers Passport Program. Click here for a list of participating science museums.

Q: Are there exclusions for the Association of Science-Technology Centers Passport Program?
A: Yes. The Association of Science-Technology Centers Passport Program excludes visitation to science centers/museums located within 90 miles of your home Museum (Denver Museum of Nature & Science).


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Membership Levels & the Additional Named Person (Add-On)

Q: Are grandchildren covered by the Family membership?
A: No. A Family membership is for one or two named adults and their own children ages 3 to 18 years old. We offer a Grandparent level membership for one or two adults plus four of their own grandchildren, ages 3-18 years old.

Q: I'm a grandparent with a Family membership. Can my adult children use my membership to bring my grandkids?
A: No. Memberships are non-transferable. The membership cards may only be used by those whose names are on the cards. If you intend for your adult children to be able to bring the grandkids, you might consider adding an Additional Named Person (Add-On) to your membership.  

Q: I'm 66 and my wife is 60. Do we qualify for the Senior discount on the Dual membership?
A: Yes. Only one of the named members needs to be 65 or older.

Q: How much does the Additional Named Person (Add-On) cost?
A: It costs $50 and is ideal for members with caregivers. It is only available for purchase on Dual levels of Membership and above and there is a maximum of 2 purchases during a Membership year. At the Giving Club Curator level, one Additional Named Person (Add-On) is provided complimentary as part of the Membership benefits.

Q: Does the Additional Named Person (Add-On) receive their own card?
A: Yes. Because the additional person must be a named adult, they are issued a barcode just like primary and secondary adult members. They may download the eCard ( or access their membership barcode online by confirming the name and the primary member’s phone number on the membership.  

Q: Does the Additional Named Person run the span of the membership?
A: Regardless of the time you purchase your membership, the Additional Named Person will expire when the membership expires, and if continued use is desired it must be renewed.

Q: Does the Additional Person have to be named?
A: Yes. Only the designated named adult individual can utilize the member benefits. The Primary Member is able to change this person at any time and can do so by calling 303.370.6306 or by speaking with an agent at Ticketing.

Q: What benefits does the Additional Person receive?
A: They receive all benefits associated with membership. They can bring the children named on the membership, as in the case with a caregiver. However, if an Add-On was added to a Dual level membership where two members are already named, the Add-On cannot bring guests.

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Member Communications

Q: Why does the Museum request my e-mail address?
A: For starters, to be green! Communicating with our members via our monthly e-newsletter saves the Museum printing, mailing, and postage costs, as well as a tree or two. Members on our e-mail list are the first to find out about special activities or events, Museum news, behind-the-scenes stories from our scientists, and special e-mail-only offers! Additionally, if you desire to manage your membership through either your online Museum account, or the eCard, you will be required to sign in using your email address and a password you create. 

Q: What is included in the member e-newsletter and how often is it sent?
A: The monthly Member eNews includes updates on exhibitions, programs, and events, as well as members-only tips and exclusive offers. 

Q: Does the Museum share my e-mail address?
A: No, the Museum will not share your e-mail address with any outside parties. It is used for official Museum business only and with the sole purpose of keeping you informed and engaged with your Museum.

Q: If I register my e-mail address, how often will I hear from the Museum?
A: When you register your e-mail address, you will receive Member eNews as well as special program and event reminders - likely a few emails per month. If you "manage your preferences" (located at the bottom of an email we've sent to you) you can decide what and when you want to receive e-mail from us.

Q: We have two adults named on our membership, plus an Additional Named Person. Who will receive the official mailings regarding the Membership?
A: The primary named member will receive all print mail from the museum. All other named members on a membership, including membership add-ons, will receive electronic communications, and only if we have an email address listed for them. 

Q: I recently mailed in my renewal notice with payment, but then received another notice in the mail. Did you receive my payment?
A: It is likely that your payment and our renewal mailing crossed in the mail. It takes up to two weeks to receive and process a renewal payment by mail. If you sent in your payment, please disregard the second notice. 

Q: If I have mailed in my renewal and have not yet received my renewal confirmation letter, can I visit the Museum anyway?
A: Yes. Simply stop by the Member Lane at Ticketing when you arrive. They will verify that your renewal has been received.

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Expiration Date

Q: What is the expiration date of my membership?
A: Memberships are valid for 12 months from the time of purchase. The expiration date appears near your name and in Member eNews. You can also find your expiration date by logging in to your online Museum account at our website.

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Q: Will there be "members-only" events?
A: Yes. Throughout the year, there will be several opportunities for members to visit the Museum at exclusive members-only events. Check out our member events page for upcoming activities.

Q: How can I find out about members-only events?
A: Our events are advertised in the quarterly Catalyst eMagazine and through member e-mails. Postcards are mailed for some events.

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Questions about my Membership

Q: Can I get a refund for my membership?
A: All or part of your membership is considered a tax deductible donation and is therefore not refundable.

Q: Does the Museum share my information with anyone else?
A: The Museum does not sell its member/donor information. However, the Museum occasionally exchanges mailing addresses of members with other local like-minded non-profit organizations.  If you prefer that this information not be shared, please contact us at [email protected].  For our full privacy policy, click here

Q: How can I update my mailing or e-mail address on my Membership?
A: Send an e-mail to [email protected] with your name, address, membership number (if handy), and your changes. For security purposes, please note that only the Primary member named on the membership is authorized to make this type of change. 

Q: We are moving out of state and have just renewed our Family membership. Can I give my membership to my neighbor's family?
A: Museum memberships are nontransferable. However, you can use your Museum membership for admission to more than 350 science centers/museums nationwide through the Association of Science- Technology Centers Passport Program. Visit to find an institution near your new home.

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Memberships Gift Certificates

Q: Do you sell gift memberships?
A: You can purchase a membership gift certificate at

 Will the membership gift certificate renewal notice be sent to me?
A: The first notice is sent to you (the gift giver). Subsequent notices are sent to the gift recipient.

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Tax Deductibility

Q: Who can claim the tax deduction for the Membership purchase? 
A: The purchaser of the membership will receive an acknowledgement letter wtih fair market value information.

Q: Are memberships tax-deductible?
A: Yes. 

The tax deductible amount of your membership equals your contribution amount minus the fair market value listed below. Membership contributions are fully tax deductible at the Individual (includes Senior & Student discounted) level. 

Individual - $0

Dual - $16

Family, Grandparent & Family Plus - $32

Pioneer/Young Professional level - $139

Innovator/Young Professional level - $293

Curator/Giving Club level - $281

Explorer/Giving Club level - $398

Naturalist/Giving Club level - $549

Collector/Giving Club level - $655

Campion & Founders/Giving Club level - $761


Q: What is the Museum's tax ID number?

A: 84-0518447

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Purchasing a Membership with an Individual Retirement Account or Donor Advised Fund

Q: Can I purchase a membership with an Individual Retirement Account or Donor-Advised Fund?

Please note that Individual Retirement Accounts or Donor Advised Funds may not be used to purchase membership benefits. If you purchase or renew your membership with an Individual Retirement Account or Donor Advised Fund, your membership will only include general museum admission and exclude any additional benefits including guest passes, flex tickets, Infinity Theater tickets, planetarium tickets, membership gift certificates and event tickets.

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