POSTED: 01/01/0001

DENVER―August 29― The Denver Museum of Nature & Science has confirmed that the fossil of a Triceratops has been uncovered at Thornton’s new Public Safety Facility at 132nd Avenue and Quebec Street. So far, a horn and shoulder blade have been unearthed. Work will continue for the next several days at the secure construction site to excavate the triceratops.


“I’m excited to stabilize the area tomorrow and collect the fossil and to see how much more is under the surface,” said Joe Sertich, Denver Museum of Nature & Science curator of dinosaurs.


The Museum is looking to tie-in other significant finds in the region to see what was occurring in the habitat when the Rocky Mountains were forming 66 million years ago.


“It is incredible to have this find occur in our backyard,” Sertich said. “We’ve found two dozen horned dinosaurs—including several new species—in the past couple of years outside of Colorado. Some are the largest and most complete skeletons ever recovered. Finds like this help us to understand dinosaur evolution and behavior.”


“The Museum is excited to work with the Thornton community as we learn more about this incredible find,” George Sparks, president and CEO of the Museum said.


The Museum will announce details for the Triceratops press availability once more is known about the extent of the excavation. 

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