Laura Uglean Jackson

Laura Uglean Jackson oversees the Archives Department and serves as records manager for the museum and digital asset manager for the Science Division. She is happiest when developing policies, procedures, and workflows to improve access, storage, and preservation for digital and analog collections. Laura has over 15 years’ experience in Archives and previously worked at the University of Northern Colorado, the University of California Irvine, and the University of Wyoming. She holds an MIS from Simmons University and a BA in Art History from Colorado State University. She is a leading expert in archival reappraisal and deaccessioning and has also published and presented on born-digital processing, backlog management, and collection development.


Erin Faulder and Laura Uglean Jackson, “Digital Processing: Exploring the Enigma,” The American Archivist (2022) 85 (1): 146-172. DOI: 10.17723/2327-9702-85.1.146

Marcella Huggard and Laura Uglean Jackson, “Practices in Progress: The State of Reappraisal and Deaccessioning in Archives,” The American Archivist (2019) 82 (2): 508-547: DOI: 10.17723/aarc-82-02-04

Matthew McKinley and Laura Uglean Jackson, “It’s How Many Terabytes?! A Case Study on Managing Large Born Digital Audio-visual Acquisitions,” International Journal of Digital Curation (2016) 11 (2).

D. Claudia Thompson and Laura Uglean Jackson, “But You Promised: A Case Study of Deaccessioning at the American Heritage Center, University of Wyoming,” The American Archivist (Fall/Winter 2010) 73 (2): 669-685:

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