Katy Kaspari, MA, MSc

Katy Kaspari joined the Denver Museum of Nature & Science in 2023 as a conservator on the IMLS grant funded project, Northwest Coast Collection: Building Bridges and Detailed Conservation Survey. Prior to joining DMNS, Katy worked at the Field Museum, the Natural History Museum in London, the Horniman Museum and Gardens in London, and most recently, in a private practice conservation studio serving Chicago and the greater Midwest. She received her MA and MSc in objects conservation from University College London, undertaking research into decolonization of museums and the use of emerging technologies to digitally restore damaged taxidermy specimens of extinct and endangered species for each of her degrees.

Katy is interested in the conservation of organic materials, and in particular natural history collections. Her primary research interests lie in participatory engagement, collaboration with indigenous people to conserve cultural heritage in culturally appropriate ways, people-centered approaches to conservation, environmental sustainability, and the adoption of emerging technologies in conservation.

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