Space Odyssey

Space Odyssey

The Denver Museum of Nature & Science is proud to present its newly renovated “Space Odyssey” exhibition. Future astronauts and inquisitive humans now have a place to discover answers to out of this world questions like, “How do we know how many stars are in our galaxy when we can’t see them all?” “How do you put the brakes on in space?” And, “How do we know what the far side of the Moon looks like if it never faces Earth?”

The new "Space Odyssey" is all about answering the how, catapulting you into a place where you can touch, see, hear, and, yes, even smell what it’s like to be “out there.” You determine how to engage with the world beyond us, in a wildly creative environment that encourages free-range space science and no-boundaries adventure.

Inside the reimagined “Space Odyssey,” guests can explore many ways of answering the question “How do we know that about space?”

  • Traverse the Sensory Spacewalk in the new Fantasy Spaceship with over 11,000 “stars” that use 43 miles of optical fiber to help you feel like you’re in space.
  • Feel the rumble of rockets and speed through the atmosphere in the launch simulator.
  • Hear traditional and living indigenous knowledge of the night sky and Earth origins.
  • Have your own body warp spacetime.
  • Make your own gorgeous “Hubble” images of nebulae and galaxies.
  • Drive a rover on the surface of Mars.
  • Crash a projectile into a planetary surface to see how your crater measures up.
  • Find the hidden disco ball. (Hint: it really spins.)

VR Transporter

The Pulseworks VR Transporter inside of "Space Odyssey" immerses patrons in state-of-the-art VR Technology and lets you become a participant in whole new worlds! The stunning new virtual reality headsets lets you see vivid and immersive detail in every direction you look. Coupled with precision-controlled dynamic motion from the VR Transporter motion platform and crystal-clear high-definition audio headphones, this innovative experience will take you on wondrous adventures as never before!


Space Odyssey was made possible with support from many donors, including The Anschutz Foundation, Mark & Martha Freeman, Institute of Museum and Library Services, Lockheed Martin, Blair & Kristin Richardson, and M. Patrick & Jo Ann Swingle.

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