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Unraveling Mummies: Modern Technology, Dissection, and Ancient Egypt

Unraveling Mummies: Modern Technology, Dissection, and Ancient Egypt, Grades 6-8

Modern technology allows us to view and study mummies like we never before. Using CT scans and dissections of a real sheep heart, students dig into the culture, anatomy, beliefs, and mummification and burial practices exercised by ancient Egyptians.

Also, visit Expedition Health and Egyptian Mummies user guides designed to connect your class with the exhibitions.

A Spanish speaking bilingual educator may be available upon request. The museum can also provide Spanish program materials for students and chaperones. 

1 chaperone per 10 students is required. Programs are currently limited due to COVID-19 precautions. Price: $235 per program. 


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Field Trip Checklist

School Bus Map

The customized itinerary contains details of your entire field trip from arrival to departure. The only fixed times are the program start times.

This tool is designed to help teachers and chaperones explore the exhibit space with their students and connect to the dissection lab. Guides are available in English. Spanish guide coming soon!

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