Virtual Experiences Program Materials

Virtual Experiences Program Materials

This page contains links to download print materials for Virtual Science Academy programs. Links to supporting material for monthly Scientists in Action events will be emailed to registrants before the event begins.  

Have your materials, but looking for technology or logistics support? See here.   

Connection and Class Expectation

Have your printed materials and/or art materials ready for each student.  

Please plan to connect 15 minutes before the scheduled start time for audio and video checks.  

Classes are 45-60 minutes long (Astrotots to the Moon! excluded as a 20-minute program). 

Please alert [email protected] to any time limitations (will your students need to arrive late and/or depart early? If so, when?) and plan to review with your educator at the start of your program.   

A classroom teacher must be always present in the room or video call and will be asked to help call on students during Q&A and facilitate certain activities as part of the program.   

Virtual Science Academy Materials

Please make a copy for each facilitator and student. The educator copy includes the answers and instructions. Please make copies of the educator journal for all teachers/adults attending the presentations so that they can help the students.  

Virtual Art Station: Titan  

  • Each participant will need a piece of orange paper, a black coloring pencil, and a white coloring pencil, or similar materials. For groups learning in-person as a classroom, materials will be mailed to the address on your reservation 1-2 weeks before your program date. 

Virtual Heart  


Virtual Lung  

Virtual New Me: Puberty  

Astrotots to the Moon! 

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