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Plan Your Visit


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Temporary Closure Effective March 13, 5 p.m. 

The Museum is closely monitoring the latest developments regarding the coronavirus outbreak. Details of this pandemic are changing moment by moment and as we listen to the science, research suggests that there is much more for us to learn and consider. 

After conversations with health officials from the administrations of Colorado Governor Jared Polis and Denver Mayor Michael B. Hancock, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science will be closed to the public until further notice. We will provide refunds for admission and event tickets purchased during our closure period. 

To further protect the health and safety of staff, volunteers and visitors, the Museum is taking a number of proactive, precautionary measures in response to the outbreak, including the discouraging of staff travel to affected areas, implementing rigorous cleaning and disinfecting routines, and staying in close communication with state and regional health officials as well as the Centers for Disease Control. 

While no coronavirus cases have been connected to the Museum, we are working tirelessly to ensure a safe and healthy environment for the community. Museum staff will continue working to care for the collections and exhibitions and preparing for the resumption of normal operations. 

We encourage people to visit for science activities and education resources, including virtual programming options. 

[Updated: March 13, 2020] 


Museum Hours
9 a.m.-5 p.m.

Friday 9 a.m.- 10 p.m.

The Museum is open seven days a week year-round, except December 25. 

The Guest Services phone line is open daily, 9 a.m.-5 p.m., at 303.370.6000, except December 25.

Museum Shop Hours 
10 a.m.-5 p.m., daily

T-Rex Cafe
11 a.m.-2 p.m., daily

T-Rex Grab & Go
9 a.m.-4 p.m.

Dock Hours
8 a.m.-2:30 p.m.


What are the Current Exhibitions

See what's new at the Denver Museum of Nature & Science.


What's Playing at IMAX

Find out the latest films playing in the Phipps IMAX Theater. Each show is around 45 minutes long. 


What's Showing in the Planetarium

Take a look at the current shows in the Planetarium. Each show is approximately 30 minutes in length. 

Curated Plans

Curated Plans

Looking for specially curated plans for your family? The Museum is full of fun ways for each member of your family to engage with science.

Floor Maps

Museum Map

Explore the Museum floor plan before you visit.

Shows and Demos

Check Signs at Each Exhibition for Show Times

Each day Museum staff perform a variety of science demonstrations and shows for our visitors. See a list of available shows below. Show availability and times will be listed at each exhibition. 

Expedition Health

Pirates of the Human Being: Meet Your Microbial Mates

Join our captain and cartoon sidekick, Polly the parrot, on an expedition to discover some of the amazing microbes that live in and on the human body.

Expedition Dissection: Spelunking the Lung

Using high-def imagery, scientific animations, and audience participation learn about the respiratory system and how to keep it healthy during our sheep lung dissection.  

The Heart Chamber

Explore dissected sheep hearts, authentic specimens, props, and fun activities to find out that the heart is a pump, is electric, is a muscle, and has its own blood supply.

Built To Move

Find out how muscles make the body move, and then try out some moves of your own during the “Simon Says” game.

Optical Illusions

How do the eye and the brain work together to help you understand the world? Join the Magnificent Mindsight and the Amazing Eyesight to explore clever optical illusions and learn more about how you perceive the world.

Space Odyssey

Astronaut on Mars, Mars Outpost

Step up to the window of a diorama and look at Candor Chasma on Mars.  Watch an “astronaut” conduct research, and ask questions via walkie-talkie to find out about living in space.  Stop at the Experiment Bar to make discoveries about Mars.

Art Station: Titan!

A staff member leads visitors as they create their own scientific illustration of a landscape on Saturn’s Moon Titan. In the process visitors learn about both the physical features of Titan and the process of creating scientific illustration.

Mission Superchill

Come see unique and amazing experiments with liquid nitrogen which simulate the super-cold conditions on Neptune’s largest moon, Triton.

Galileo and the Leaning Tower of Pizza

Watch as we re-enact Galileo’s famous leaning tower of pizza experiment.  Or was that Pisa? This cross between watching a street performer and going to the circus teaches that a true scientist must always match his or her theory to actual scientific experiments.


Experience space lore from different cultures.  Get the Cat-in-the-Hat’s interpretation of Space.  Count the stars in the nighttime sky. Explore the International Space Station.  Engaging media, props and fantastic storytellers bring space-related storybooks to life.

Vacuum Chamber Experiments

What would happen if you went into space without a space suit?  Can cold water boil? See how low atmospheric pressure affects different materials as you watch a series of experiments about the properties of vacuums.

Discovery Zone

Astrotots to the Moon!

Children become astronauts and travel to the moon in order to answer the investigative question, “what shape is the moon?”

Move Through the Seasons

Children move their bodies as they explore different animal and plant strategies for living in the four different seasons.

Drum Play

Children have the opportunity to play drums alongside of talented drummers representing various cultures of the world.

How Animals Walk

Investigate what animals left tracks in the “mud” around our pond.

Prehistoric Pals

There were more than just dinosaurs living long ago. Make pals with a marine reptile and a pterosaur!

Story Time

Come and enjoy an active story time, including digital books on the Explorer’s Playhouse Screen.

Gallery Programs

Historical enactors in the wildlife and cultural halls

Ever wondered what it would be like to speak to someone from the past?  Historical enactors throughout the diorama halls portray characters such as naturalists and adventurers keen on studying the world of insects, plants, and animals.  Have fun experiencing the past and learning about nature through historical eyes.

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Access and Special Needs

The Denver Museum of Nature & Science offers many services to facilitate and enhance the Museum experience for all of our guests.

Learn More

Members of the Media

Contact Maura O’Neal
Email: [email protected]
Office: 303.370.6407
Cell: 303.507.6058

Visit our Press Room

Safe Spaces Policy

The Denver Museum of Nature & Science exists to be a catalyst and ignite our community’s passion for nature and science. In order to fulfill our mission and live out our values, we strive to provide a safe place for everyone to follow their curiosity and desire for discovery, regardless of race, ethnicity, age, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, sex, gender identity, and range of abilities.

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Strollers and non-motorized wheelchairs are available to check out at our information desk located on the first floor across from the gift shop. These items are first come first serve and cannot be reserved in advance. We do not have motorized carts available to rent.

Yes, we allow services animals in the Museum, which is defined as animals that are individually trained to do work or perform tasks for a person with a disability. Pets and emotional support animals are not considered service animals and will not be allowed.

No, we do not have birthday party packages, but we can rent you a room in the Museum through our Catering & Events Department. We can also offer first come, first served seating in T-Rex Cafe and our other dining areas if you’d like to bring a cake or snacks, however open flames and balloons are not permitted. Tickets are priced as marked, but groups of 10 or more would be eligible for group rates.

IMAX shows are roughly 45 minutes in length and Planetarium shows are approximately 30 minutes.

Yes! Your best bet is to reach out to one of our research departments with your question. You can find all their contact information here.

No, we do not.

Yes, we do have coin lockers available to rent for $.50. Lockers are located on the first floor of the museum beneath the escalators and are first come first serve. We may have the ability to store larger items like luggage or car seats at our security desk on the first floor. This space is limited and is also first come serve.

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