Nature Play in City Park

The Museum and City Park grew up right alongside each other, both brought to life by our city’s founders more than 100 years ago. One is a place to cultivate the science of nature; the other a place to actually experience nature. Bringing these two treasures together will give Museum guests and park visitors a whole new sense of discovery…inside and out.

Inspired by Coloradans’ passion for nature—and driven by their adventure-filled spirit—the Museum looks forward to joining with Denver Parks and Recreation to tap into the natural wonderland around us. As part of the recently completed City Park Master Plan Update, the Museum is excited to support the re-development of the small playground in City Park by creating natural play spaces. We want to know what makes nature, science, and play meaningful to you to help inform the concept and design. City Park is a beautiful living diorama, a thriving ecosystem all on its own, packed with flora, fauna, and some of those fabulous creepy, crawly things.

Perhaps the DeBoer Waterway will flow again, and a revitalized playspace will become an out-of-the ordinary place to romp and learn for young City Park and Museum visitors alike. A new formula for outdoor programs might take a dose of science from the Museum, stir in the park’s natural attributes, and finish with heart-pumping, brain-engaging discovery.

This is science learning in the great outdoors, where everyday experiences in nature help propel curiosity about what’s going on right in our own backyard. Together, we’ll have the chance to foster a love of the environment, planting the idea that protecting and caring for it is something we all can do together. Are you ready to go outside?

Thank You

Thanks to those who have participated in the Nature Play community engagement. 

We will be hosting more opportunities to participate and help inform the design of Nature Play spaces in City Park in early 2020.  Check back then for more information or email [email protected] to receive updates and event invitations.

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