Erika Heacock

Erika is a recent transplant from the Sonoran Desert to the Denver Region.  She has worked in the museum field since 2009, with her first position of 8.5 years working at the Arizona State Museum in the archaeological repository.  She has participated in field work as an archaeologist in Arizona and New Mexico, but was able to dabble and volunteer for the Magic Mountain and Torriette Great Kiva projects DMNS conducted in 2018.  She specializes in a very niche corner of anthropology and studies prehistoric shell trade and manufacture in the southwest.  She is currently exploring ways to incorporate Indigenous perspectives into collections care within the Anthropology department.


Shell Use in the Mimbres Region: Not so Black and White, M.A. Thesis, University of Arizona, 2015.

Appendix C: The Davis Ranch Site Shell Assemblage Arthur Vokes and Erika Heacock. In The Davis Ranch Site: A Kayenta Immigrant Enclave in Southeastern Arizona. Edited by Patrick D. Lyons, University of Arizona Press, 2019. Pp. 396-452.

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