Erin Baxter, PhD

Erin Baxter has worked in Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, Turkey, Bolivia, Ireland, and Tunisia, but has returned (quite happily) to Denver and the American Southwest where guinea pig and cat are not on the menu. She’s super interested in using old museum collections (museums have the best stuff) to answer questions about the ancient past. In her other life, she is an instructor of archaeology at CU-Boulder and teaches courses on Southwestern archaeology, method and theory, human prehistory and her personal favorite, the archaeology of death. Currently she’s working on projects related to cannibalism, ancient witchcraft, the superlative architecture from Aztec Ruins, the Toriette Lakes Great Kiva, Magic Mountain, and W.S. Ranch.

Featured Publications

“A New History of Aztec Ruins,” dissertation, (2016) onfile

Science Division Live: The Curious Case of Colorado Cannibal Alferd Packer

Science Division Live: A Practical Guide to Colorado Cemeteries

Explore the art, history, and archaeology of Colorado cemeteries. Local stories, headstone ID, epitaph translation, what to do if you find a tombstone in your backyard, why isn't everybody facing the same way, secret societies, and other practical knowledge for your next (recreational) cemetery visit.

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