Lindsay Gaona Dougan, MS

Lindsay Gaona Dougan is a vertebrate anatomist who utilizes X-ray vision to help unlock the secrets of fossils, skeletons, and soft tissue structures. She serves as the lead technician for the Digital Research Lab in the Science Division where she uses an array of imaging and visualization modalities to create content for Museum researchers and the Museum community. Her formal training in modern human anatomy incorporated with clinical imaging and modeling techniques led her to the Museum, where she applies those skills to perform noninvasive and nondestructive research on a variety of specimens. In the Digital Research Lab, Lindsay manages and trains a cohort of volunteers to analyze, segment, and model computed tomography (CT) data. The Digital Research Lab provides curators with 3-D models of skeletal structures and soft tissue spaces (endocasts), particularly of neurovascular structures such as brain cases, olfactory bulbs, inner ear structures, and vascular patterns. The Lab also provides 3-D printed models, data animations, and interactive models for public outreach.

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