Nicole Neu-Yagle, MS

Nicole Neu-Yagle manages the paleobotany, invertebrate paleontology, rock, mineral, and meteorite collections at the Museum. Her MS thesis research focused on Paleocene mammals.

Girls & Science

Clubhouse Chat with Kristen MacKenzie and Nicole Neu-Yagle

Women in STEAM careers share their inspirations and amazing achievements, and answer your questions about their jobs. Live now: DMNS Collections managers Kristen MacKenzie and Nicole Neu-Yagle!

Tracks and Scat

Poop. Yeah, we said it...POOP! Talk poop with our collections team as they relate images of recent track/scat findings to collection pieces and discuss just why poop is so important. Gather your scat knowledge and prepare for a stinky discussion. Giggles permitted.

Earth Day Science on the Spot

The original Earth Day came just eight years after Rachel Carson published Silent Spring which alerted readers to many ecological perils. Earth Day in turn helped spawn new environmental awareness and laws leading to banning DDT and other dangers that put a number of species under threat of extinction. Society has made some progress but many species still face extinction threats, and the need for research and protection of species has not diminished.

In this edition of Science on the Spot, we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day. We'll focus on on the human role in stewardship and conservation of our planet: the story of the the people, the plants and animals that inhabit it. Our collections staff will share some images of objects in our collections along with stories of tragedy and hope that accompany them.

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