Tiffany Nuessle, MA

Tiffany Nuessle (pronounced NESS-lee) has had an unconventional career that led to her becoming the research manager of the Genetics Lab. Originally from California, Tiffany attended UC Santa Cruz with hopes of becoming a high school creative writing teacher … then she realized they didn’t offer education as a major, only as a minor. She was lousy at French in high school, but wanted to prove to her teacher that she could do it, so she continued pursuing French in college. She ended up minoring in education and getting degrees in both linguistics and French and Francophone studies. Her senior year of college, a good friend asked her if she had considered becoming a counselor. Tiffany hadn’t. But she did from that point forward, eventually moving to Colorado to attend Denver Seminary and earn her master of arts in counseling. These skills with people led her supervisor to take a chance on her because the Museum wanted someone passionate about communicating science with the public. Tiffany now trains community scientists (volunteers who may or may not have a science background) on how to conduct all aspects of taste research and ensures that the research is done ethically. In this job she has had the joy of using her macrophotography skills (although pictures of tongues were not what she envisioned), her passions for writing, problem solving, and communicating. She is still terrible at French.

Current Projects

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