Cameron Pittman, MS

Cameron Pittman is a museum professional involved in managing natural history collections, incorporating the tasks of digitization, preparation, and conservation. Cameron was born in Utah and moved across a few states from the West Coast to the East Coast. He received a BS in Wildlife & Fisheries at the University of Georgia, where he was able to intern at the Georgia Museum of Natural History. It was in this museum that Cameron discovered the amazing world of museum collections, learning different methods of specimen preparation and preservation. Afterward, Cameron attended the Museum and Field Studies program at the University of Colorado Boulder, where he worked in the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History’s Vertebrate and Invertebrate Collections and was awarded with a Master’s of Science in 2023. His thesis focused on using CT scanning to gather morphological data on a potentially unique shrew species in Colorado. While pursuing his master’s degree, he took on an internship in the museum’s Digital Research Lab, working on segmenting and studying fossils captured through CT scans. Following graduation, Cameron began working as the Assistant Collections Manager of Vertebrate Zoology, where he helps manage the mammalogy, ornithology, and herpetology collections.

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