Genevieve Anderegg, MS

Genevieve Anderegg is a museum professional interested in the management of natural history collections, including specimen preservation, digitization, and preparation. Genevieve was born and raised in Minneapolis and received a BS in evolutionary biology at the University of Wisconsin Madison, where she discovered museum collections and worked at the Wisconsin Insect Research Collection and Wisconsin State Herbarium. Subsequently, Genevieve attended the Museum and Field Studies program at the University of Colorado Boulder, where she worked in the University of Colorado Museum of Natural History’s Vertebrate and Entomology Collections and was awarded her master’s of science in 2022. Her thesis focused on the collections management best practices of fluid preserved insect specimens, an often overlooked and undermanaged portion of entomology collections. Following graduation, Genevieve moved to Denver and began working as the Assistant Collections Manager of Invertebrate Zoology, where she helps manage the marine invertebrate, arachnology, and entomology collections.

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