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Stick Chart

Stick chart from the Marshall Islands, used to navigate the South Pacific

Navajo Blanket

Stunning fourth-phase, chief-style Navajo blanket, ca. 1900

"Many Hands Shirt"

Shirt made by Bessie Black Horn to commemorate Oglala Lakota Chief Daniel Black Horn’s many handshakes with Euro-American dignitaries

Bosom Pals

A gem-carving sculpture by Russian artist Vasily Konovalenko

Incense Burner

Painted, polychrome jaguar effigy Maya incense burner, Guatemala, 700–1000 CE

Colorado Bison

South Park Bison

Colorado's Last Grizzly Bear

A Chapter Closes

Tiger Beetle

Pedicularia sicula

Sunset Moth

Festive Tiger Beetle

Myrmecicultor Spider

Manzonia crassa

Deep Sea Vent Mollusk

Passenger Pigeon

Elephant Bird Eggs

Gunnison Sage Grouse

Original Saber Tooth Mold

New Species Shoshonius cooperi

Museum commissioned artwork for a new species

King Island Woman and Child

Ruth Underhill Field Notes

Orson Welles Recording

Recording of Vision Beyond Time by Orson Welles


Bald Eagle (Haliaeetus leucocephalus)


Homo rudolfensis cast

DNA Collection

DNA Collection in the Genetics of Taste Lab

Human Kidney Tissue

Histology Slide of Human Kidney Tissue

The Hikers

Plastinated Cross-section of the Human Torso



Cañon City Meteorite

Deep Earth Pearl

Fossil Forest

A DIA Secret

Dino Death Knell

Ghostly Fossil Bugs

Killer Fish


Primo Plant

Roadside Roadkill

Smoky Hawk King

Yule Marble

CO State Rock

Glass Sponges

Love Sticks

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